MLS 200 analysis air jet sieve

Screening machine MLS-200
  • For particle size determination of powders
  • Design: Aluminum housing powder-coated in all common RAL colors
  • For all types of dry materials from 20-2000 my, particularly suitable for electrostatic charges
  • Sample quantities between 1 and 200 grams, depending on the bulk density, can be analyzed quickly and easily
  • Recommended sieving times between 1.5 and 3 minutes
  • High screening accuracy and reproducibility of the screening results

How it works

The product to be analyzed is placed on the sieve, which is sealed airtight with a glass lid.
Screening machine MLS-200

The scope of delivery includes:
Device including lid ready for use, optional vacuum cleaner, analysis sieves

Technical data

Housing: Aluminum, powder-coated
Sieve holder: Aluminium, anodized
Air jet screen: Aluminium, nickel-plated
Time clock (digital): Time division 0.1 second to 99.9 hours
Vacuum measurement: 0 to -100 millibars
Dimensions: Width: 410 mm, depth: 475 mm, height: 270 mm
Weight: 17kg
Electrical connection: 220V, 50Hz, 10A or 110V, 60Hz, 10A
Sieve diameter: 200 mm / 8"
Accessories: Glass lid, silencer
Adapter ring for sieve Ø200 or 8" lid
Connection piece for vacuum cleaner
Connection piece for suction hose for cleaning purposes